A summer startstruck, starlit, star-strong night
with bales of hay absorbed and fading through moonlight
Smoke signals fade into the night blinding rays
with wind gusts pushed, commanding them with such force

Where does your fever take you?
Into a chilling madness, a hysteria?
Nobody lives beyond the edge of your yard,
although your ears hear voices nightly.

Under the window after sunset
a mindless population grows
in frightening logarithmic scale,
abandoning fear of discovery, but never seen.

No one else believes this construction,
under pretenses of insanity and psychosis.
Someone’s out there, though.
Hiding when corners are turned.

Many years later, police wait for you
when you come home from work,
when you turn your head to the pillow
they are waiting outside, but this time you know…

This time you know that you’re nuts.


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