an echo
coming forth from around the bush
a jagged memory
a crooked baptism in steel

you could have done so much more
an empty shadow
reaching around a summer afternoon
and telephone receiver

words spoken
from a broken shadow
I could be so much more
purposeful forgetfulness

a jagged memory
much more could have been done
an echo
running around the bushes
overgrown, running wild



3 Comments so far. Leave a comment below.
  1. Henry,

    vivid strong images that hold me. I feel the tumbling ache, and fully expect as the water crashes down it will expose rich beauty hidden for so long. This piece draws me in.

  2. Robbie,

    Ah, this expresses my own feelings so well. Compassionate yet truthful assessment.

  3. Ab,

    It makes me hurt. But a potentially-good hurt.

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